Value of Medicine Optimisation

Economics of medicines optimisation

The NHS faces a number of challenges relating to the delivery of medicines, namely: prescribers, suboptimal compliance with NICE guidance, poor adherence by patients, drug wastage, medication errors, and overuse/misuse of medicines. Addressing these various areas of concern in an effective and cost-effective manner requires an understanding of the size and nature of the evidence base. The objectives of the proposed research are to (i) undertake a 'scoping review' relating to the sub-optimal use of medicines in the NHS, (ii) indicate the scale of the cost of sub-optimal use of medicines in the NHS and (iii) identify specific questions that could be addressed with additional research regarding the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of initiatives to address sub-optimal use of medicines.

Project team: Rita Faria, Mark Sculpher.

Contact: Rita Faria . Click here to email Rita