I.  The valuation of informal care for economic evaluation

There is no consensus on how to measure and value informal care time and impact for economic evaluation. For  informal care to be included in economic evaluations, methods to measure and value the costs and benefits of informal care are required. This projects aims to provide overviews of the methods available for measuring and valuing informal care in monetary and non-monetary terms.


Faria R, Weatherly H, Van den Berg B. A review of approaches to measure and monetarily value informal careBerg. In: Curtis L, editor. Unit costs of health and social care 2012. Kent: PSSRU; 2012. p. 22-31. Download

Weatherly H, Faria R, Van den Berg B. Valuing informal care for economic evaluation. In: Elsevier On-line Encyclopaedia of Health Economics; Forthcoming.


Conferences (posters and oral presentations)

Faria, R, Weatherly, HLA, Al-Sharayri, M, Van Den Berg, B & Sculpher, M 2012, 'Economic evaluations of social care interventions: business as usual?' 9th HTAi, Bilbao, Spain, 23/06/12 - 27/06/12.

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 Weatherly H, Faria H, Al-Sharayri M, van den Berg B, Sculpher M. A Review of Economic Evaluations of Care Interventions: Methodological Controversies and Issues, 10th European Conference on Health Economics, July 2012, Zurich, Switzerland. Download programme here

Weatherly H, Faria H, Al-Sharayri M, van den Berg B, Sculpher M. Methodological Challenges and Issues in economic evaluations of Long Term Care Interventions, 2nd International Conference on Evidence-Based Policy in Long-Term Care, September 2012, London School of Economics. Download programme here.

Project team: Bernard Van den Berg, Rita Faria and Helen Weatherly 

Contact: Helen Weatherly. Click here to email Helen

II. Survey of Carers' breaks initiative 

 This project aims to provide a snapshot view of the progress that PCTs have made in recent years in improving support for carers, in particular in providing carers with breaks from their caring responsibilities.


Weatherly HLA, Keetharuth A, Brazier JE. A survey about the Carers' Breaks Initiative: Achievements, challenges and barriers. Forthcoming.

Project team: Helen Weatherly, Anju Keetharuth and John Brazier.

Contact: Helen Weatherly. Click here to email Helen